Welcome to

Hello 2024. Hello Hodge-Podge Collective.

An idea that's been steeping for the last few years. A third space. From my soul to yours.

By definition, a hodge-podge is a "confusing mixture". Boy, am I that... but so are you. And surely, a single space cannot be big enough to hold all of those interests, but it can be big enough to hold mine... maybe.

About The Hodge-Podge Collective

As I live my life, I found myself amongst friends and in places that are incredibly passionate about "The Thing": circus, flying planes, art, dance, starting a business, flowers, computers... etc.

I'd take mental notes: What Cosmic Fit is doing here is really neat! This space would be good as a circus studio. Check out the dedication of the students within San Diego Circus Center and Aerial Revolution. Micah's passion really bleeds into her teaching. Man, I love I can go to The Eternal Art and chat about Meaning without feeling shunned.

I wish I had this growing up. And so, here is my passion project/business: The Hodge-Podge Collective. Starting in my apartment but with plans to move Home.

My goal is to create a space where any person from any walk of life can come in and feel loved, respected, and heard. Where authenticity and connection nourish our souls so that we may have the strength to continue our journey.

I want our friends to sit and meet, to train together, to listen to live music and watch cool movies. An area where respect, love, and art can flourish. Where authenticity and connection nourish our souls so that we may flourish too.

A community watering hole that reflects my interests but has room to grow to include yours. Inspired by all the beautiful people I've met on my travels, passionate souls, and creatives. A space for lounging, a space for connection, a space for me & you.

Our Vision

At the moment, my focus is on donation-based tea service and handstands, but my ideas extend even further to include aerial arts, dance, yoga, and general expression. An area just as malleable as we are.

You can breathe. You can expand. You can take up space, it's okay. Where creativity happens and where we can rest in our selves.

Imagine having a nice cup of green tea after a hard day of circus training, or a small oasis of calm away from the bustle of the city. Maybe you need a spot to journal or a space to sleep. Come over, I'd love to have you.

As Moises's mom told me, "Mi casa es tu casa". Come in, perhaps you'll find something you like.

With Love,